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You may have thought about sales coaching for a long time and just never could quite pull the trigger. You are aware that top executives have paid coaches, you may even know of some personally. The idea may make sense to you on certain levels because you see that Michael Jordan as well as every well known actor, actress, athlete, singer, dancer, musician, entertainer, teacher, or scholar had or has a coach.

You probably asking yourself would they have reached the height of success that they had anyway without any help or guidance? Who are you kidding? You know that answer to that question. You’re keeping that question alive in your head for one reason, and one reason only.

You are acting Cheap!
You are being penny wise and pound foolish!
(Well that’s two reasons)

Don’t feel bad, we all do it? That is until we see the punk kid from down the street blow you out of the water in success and he is not even half as good as you. They you call me and want me to fix it.

Here is the answer…You know everything already, your just not doing what you know.

That is what a coach does and that is what I do. I remind you in a way that keeps you accountable to yourself. We will work together on a plan that fits your lifestyle and you will pay for it. I need you to be motivated to get your money’s worth. Then when you reach the goals that you see out to reach I will return some of the money. That sounds fair doesn’t it?

Coaching is a two way street, you need to be dedicated to do the work necessary not to waste yours and my time. You have to be willing to run the wind sprints every day. That’s what Michel Jordan did and you should take a look at his championship rings.

The first thing you should work on is time management. Take the time to send me an E-Mail now for a free consultation!

Now go run some sprints!

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