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Funny thing about constantly looking for the new answers to all of today’s issues; the answers seem to all come down to the basics that we were taught when we were five.

Be nice. See, I am a salesman. I say this with pride, or at least I used … Read More

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I Learned Something At The Cancer Walk

Over this past year, I have had the pleasure of a bird’s eye view of a fledgling business being born. It is my son’s junk removal business. It may sound strange that a man can be proud that his son aspires to be a garbage man, but … Read More

You don’t know how easy you have it.
That’s how I felt after hearing a person speak at a meeting the other day. Here was a man standing in front of a group of fifty, with a very strong Asian accent, talking about the obstacles to his eventual … Read More

My dad had another episode this week and I wound up at the hospital, again. He is getting more fragile and these events happen more often than one would hope. This one was not so bad and, while in the hospital, it gave me a good opportunity for some good … Read More