Hiring a speaker can be a particularly challenging responsibility. The speaker should be both content rich with material, and entertaining at the same time. After all, what is the point of a good message if half the group is just texting anyway? Plus, making the direction on a speaker has an enormous downside potential for your standing in your company, and the upside…not that much.

With us you will witness the impossible. A very enthusiastic positive message and…we consider it our moral obligation to make you look and feel like a rock star getting all the credit for an exceptional conference.

Give us a call and let’s talk about customizing Dan’s message and the keynote topics to meet the unique needs of your business.

Sales Training

Our sales training focuses on lasting performance and continual learning. Your people will come to the understanding that the company growth is determined by the personal growth of them. If your company is filled with personally successful people, then it is impossible to have anything but a successful company. We stay in touch with all past students at their request for ongoing support years after the initial meeting. This is a partnership in continual growth.

To be clear, this is not a how to sell approach, but rather a how to succeed in sales approach. The trick is to stimulate the buying process, not to teach the sales process.

We do this by encouraging the value first approach. We use stories, evidence and very involved hands on workshops to instill the process and the reasons they work. The participants have consistently said that this method is a much more enjoyable, satisfying and useful program that creates consistent spectacular results.

Customized Workshops

Did you meet you sales goals last year…Why Not?

We specialize in offering a program to fit the unique needs of your business and your company’s culture. Before we would even attempt to talk to your people we will arrange for several “get to know you” sessions and build a strategy for success. What we offer leads to real outcomes: bigger sales numbers, increased productivity, improved time management, superior communication, more effective meetings, exceptional customer service, and enhanced job satisfaction. Besides we are just so good looking too.

Let’s face it; workshops can be boring and drudgery for the participants. The thing is that most of them are this way by design. They are prepared by analytical minds that love statistics and graphs. They research at museum, and vomit all the information back to you with endless PowerPoint slides in tiny font. THAT IS NOT US!!

We are Salesmen and proud of it. We realize that nothing happens until the sale is made, and sales are made because of relationships and emotion. Our workshops are full of both.

We build a lot of laughter into the program and positive energy. In fact we build the whole program around laughter. We know that negative thought inhibits creative thinking so none is allowed in the room. Most people think there is a party going on during these things.

Best of all, this attitude will be sent out into the streets to build new sales immediately. During the workshop we will be making appointments that the salesperson will go on, one minute after it ends.

You will see more sales by the end of the day…Now that’s RESULTS!